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Manufacturing High Performance Bonded Cord Strapping, Builder Supply Strapping & Steel Band Replacement 
AAR Approved for Unitizing, Boxcar Securement and Open Top Railcars 
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Cord Strapping Systems

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  • Corded Fibers Bonded with Advanced Adhesive Technology. The anti-skid outer coating will attach or "cling" to wood, paper, metal, glass, marble, stretch wrap, polyethylene and most other surfaces, preventing any strap movement from the harmonic vibrations of in-transit shipping.
  • Maintains Pretension / Scratch Resistant
  • Made from High Tenacity Polyester
  • Low Elongation, High Recovery with Cross Directional Strength
  • Resistant to Abrasion, Solvents, Weathering, Heat and Water
  • Extremely Lightweight and Flexible
  • Prevents Damage to Cargo
  • Cost Effective / Easy to Recycle
Studies from the Forestry Products Laboratory of the US Department of Agriculture show that the highly economical shipping environment of unitized packages has shifted the probability of transportation damage from the shock and impact mode, to the harmonic vibration mode. Due to the compression rate of the individual package,  containing packages causes them to act as springs, resulting in toppled stacks and crushed containers. They determined that the frictional holding forces must be maintained during transit to prevent load shifting and ultimately, damage. 
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Ty-Cord's holding power is the superior solution for a totally secure cargo control system.



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The Best Alternative to Steel Strapping

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